about the creator

I am Olivia Kirkpatrick, an aesthetic nurse injector from Chicago and I was on a mission to find a simple (..but buttery soft), elevated (..but no teenie bopper bubble letter vibes), cosmetic focused t-shirt that I could wear to work. Over the last 5 years, I have been searching for that perfect shirt and couldn’t find anything I would wear to work so I decided I’d make my own, ergo the birth of OK apparel.

My day job, as an aesthetic nurse injector, is focused on studying the details and anatomy of a face, fixating on where the light reflects in order to enhance the beauty of the individual, to make them feel their most confident. It’s the small nuances that are crucial for an elevated outcome, especially when it comes to our beauty.

My brand is focused on micro details and my desire to give my fellow Confidence Dealers™ access to a collection they feel proud wearing. I want my brand to speak and instill in people the ultimate gift of confidence and conviction. This brand is a reminder that confidence is currency.

If you are someone who exudes the expression “Confidence Dealer™”, whether you are a cosmetic injector, doctor, nurse, esthetician, designer, makeup artist, cosmetologist, coach, therapist, teacher, mother, friend, partner, etc.etc....then you are the gift and influence we need most in the world.

The lip prints on the shirts are custom, I kissed a sheet of white computer paper with my favorite bold, red lipstick (shout out to one of my best friends, Briana, for the genius idea when I was having a meltdown that I couldn’t find the right lips, LOL) and I created the “kiss” print embroidered on the apparel. A red pout is feminine, yet daring and powerful, which is precisely what type of person I want wearing this apparel.


My mission is to create elevated apparel, for my community of confidence dealers™. My guiding principle is that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Every single human deserves to feel their best and the ability to do whatever allows them to get there, while representing what they are most proud of , CONFIDENCE DEALING. I hope you enjoy this apparel, as I have put my heart and soul into it


Olivia Kirkpatrick

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